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TheMadras.in strives to bring out all about Chennai a.k.a. Madras, from its heritage, history, culture to newest hangout spots in Chennai.

We explore, curate and find out the hidden gems that the city has to offer in terms of relaxation, business trail blazers, hang out spots and inspiring events that happen around the city. If you are new to city and plant to get to know more or if you are a long term resident of Chennai, who isn’t fully aware of what the city has to offer to it’s residence, fret not, we have you covered. A dedicated team of photographers, content writers and event managers bring you the best that is happening around you.


What is happening in City? What is recurring? What is a one time event?


Have you took a walk with the heritage iconic buildings of Chennai? Do you want to?

Our People

Get to know the people from our city who are silently inspiring and not so silently making a difference in the world.


A microscopic look at the issues that are plaguing Chennai and how it would affect you and me in near future?


We curate content that matters to our Chennaivasis.

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