Napier bridge

Napier bridge

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The Napier bridge is named after Baron Napier of Magdala, who was Governor of Madras Presidency, built the iron bridge across River Cooum in 1869. A new bridge was built in 1999 with a 10.5meters wide carriageway on the western side. The eastern side carriageway is 9.75 metre in width.

Napier bridge, one of the city’s oldest bridges, is all set for a stunning makeover once the sun goes down .

Looked at from a distance, it will appear as if the bridge is floating on the water. This effect is being created with special lights beneath the bridge.

464 bulbs, fixtures – A combination of lighting effects has been created on the arches and surface using 464 bulbs and fixtures. The private firm will maintain the lighting and fixtures for a year.

The beautification is being done as an additional attraction for visitors to the Marina Beach, which has undergone a major facelift.

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