Kavalan – Mobile app for the safety of Tamilnadu people

Tamil Nadu Police Department is proud to bring to people of the state, the KAVALAN SOS App as a part of the Tamil Nadu State Police Master Control Room initiative, which the people of Tamil Nadu can use to seek police assistance instantly in emergency situations such as physical emergencies, eve teasing, kidnapping or natural disasters such as Floods, earthquakes etc


Citizens of Tamil Nadu especially women and children, can use the Kavalan App whenever they feel vulnerable or threatened so that help from the Police can reach them at the earliest no matter where they are. People can also contact the Police instantly through this service during emergencies such as natural disasters. Anonymous complaints can also be verified immediately, saving time and resources in the price


Tamil Nadu Police Department’s official app “Kavalan SOS” is available for Android and iOS. After installation, provide your personal mobile number, home address and an alternate mobile number for registration.

Post registration, provide mandatory details like your email address, date of birth, gender, address and city. Provide contact details of any TWO relatives or close friends as Emergency Contacts preferably living in the same city. Details such as mobile number, name and relationship is mandatory. Additionally, you can add a third contact person as an Emergency contact.

You will receive an activation code on your registered mobile number to complete sign up. Enter your activation code and your sign in process is complete. The Kavalan Home screen will be displayed post this.

During an emergency, pressing the SOS button on the home page starts a 5 second countdown. After 5 seconds, the app automatically sends your current location on the map along with a video from your back camera to the Kavalan team. Within a minute, the team will contact you. Simultaneously, your location will also be sent to your preregistered “Emergency Contacts” as an SMS alert.

This Control Room will serve as the emergency response center to handle the dial 100 and 112 emergency calls in the state with a response system similar to the 911 emergency response centers in the USA.

The Control Room will connect over 1600 Police stations across Tamil Nadu including 37 District Police Headquarters. 2000 Police patrol vehicles will also be connected using a highly advanced GPS tracking solution. It will also have the provision to connect the entire state Police force of over 100000 Police officers.

Members of the public will also have the option of registering complaints through the Official Mobile Safety App as well as social media apps like Twitter and Facebook.

Truly a proud moment for Tamil Nadu Police in their continuous efforts to make the state 100% crime-free.”

To download this app on GooglePlay

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